If you have a small business and want to increase your visability, video is the way to go. With more and more people spending time on the internet or watching TV your next big ad might just get you the bottom line you have been waiting on!

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We are all about making you shine at the perfect moment. With our various sports packages you can decide how your next big moment is seen. We can create vary customized videos for all kinds of sports. Let us help you capture those grand moments so you can share them with the right people.

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Our aim is to utilize our technology and film backgrounds to produce and share your magical day with the world. If you are planning your big day let BluTale help relieve the headache of hiring a Photographer and Videographer we can take care of both. Please visit our Wedding Portal Site for more Information.

Allow us to put together a personalized quote for your big day!



Gould & Rodriguez Wedding Film

Working with our grooms and brides always makes us smile! This is an intense time for you. Let us help make your big day more amazing!

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Our Clients

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  • Jeremiah Heberly
    Co-Founder | Camera & Technology Manager
  • Michael Harris
    Co-Founder | Producer
  • Japheth Lewis
    Producer | Post-Production Manager

See What Makes Us Different

Our Professionalism

We are a services based company. That means that if we do not hold our selves to a high standard then we will not be successful. With this key foundation in mind we approach every job with the highest level of professionalism and strive to win your business because we know that if we are professional then your video will be professional and you will be happy!

Our Quality

This is built into our name. “Blu” meaning high definition or crystal clear quality. We do not compromise on even a single shot. This does not only show in our work, but in our attitudes and in our willingness to make your shoot our very best.

Our Innovation

When we talk about technology, what was impossible yesterday is possible today and tomorrow it will only be bigger and better. Yet there is something that has always been a fundamental of technology and that is Communication. The majority of our tech today is simply a method of communicating information. We at BluTale harness the two most powerful ways of communication, sight and sound into a creative video that is sure to effectively communicate your projects goals.

This Is Creativity Portrayed In Motion

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